Copy Paste

Trend- and design research project

Vlogging Casino Bern

Instant Storytelling (2017-2019)


guzo is half the bestselling author duo RTMK

Mach Fähler

Music video for Troubas Kater


Marketing for the oldest sports brand in the world

Image Problem

Co-production of mockumentary

Weekly graphic editorial

Management models in few lines

Documercials for Casino Bern

Communications and storytelling


Multi-channel campaign for clean water

Kulturfabrik Lyss

Co-founding, funding and management

Ivo Adam

Management for star chef

Coupe Romanoff

Comedy Events

Kulturbus stage

Concept and design of smallest stage on earth

Museum of Communication

Concept and content for permanent exhibition

Ohne Rolf in China

A Roman Tschäppeler TV documentary