Coupe Romanoff

Comedy Events

Vlogging Casino Bern

Instant Storytelling (2017-2019)

Mach Fähler

Music video for Troubas Kater


Marketing for the oldest sports brand in the world

Image Problem

Co-production of mockumentary

Ivo Adam

Management for star chef


Multi-channel campaign for clean water

Museum of Communication

Concept and content for permanent exhibition

Documercials for Casino Bern

Communications and storytelling

Ohne Rolf in China

A Roman Tschäppeler TV documentary

Kulturbus stage

Concept and design of smallest stage on earth


guzo is half the bestselling author duo RTMK

Copy Paste

Trend- and design research project

Weekly graphic editorial

Management models in few lines

Kulturfabrik Lyss

Co-founding, funding and management