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Gründer und CEO von guzo: Roman Tschäppeler

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guzo, Roman Tschäppeler, is an author, creative producer and hands-on consultant to spark projects. Since 2003 he develops and produces signature ventures and commissioned work in the intersection of culture, arts and marketing with his studio guzo. #designthinking #ideation #transmedia #marketing  #workshop #consultant #creativeproducer #author #filmmaker

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guzo, Roman Tschäppeler, develops creative content for different channels. He was a workshop facilitator in an idea factory after high school and is the co-founder of an event venue for youth culture. He graduated from the Kaospilot School in Denmark and Zurich University of Arts  in Switzerland and developed a range of extraordinary cookbooks with Swiss star chef Ivo Adam.

Roman Tschäppeler is the co-author of a bestselling book series: «The Decision Book», «The Question Book», «The Change Book», «The Test Book» and the «The Communiction Book» that all sell worldwide in more than 20 languages. Together with his co-author Mikael Krogerus he has been a keynote speaker at several international business, design and marketing conferences. They also write and draw a weekly one page-editorial in Das Magazin explaining complex managerial strategies in just a couple of lines and words.

During the past years Tschäppeler produced a range of audiovisual projects, amongst other the satirical documentary feature Image Problem, the TV-documentary Ohne Rolf in China or his awarded future-research project Remix Demix. Latest he produced about 100 very-short docs for the historic cultural and gastronomic venue Casino Bern.

The company guzo ltd. was founded in 2003 as an attempt to condense the versatile profile of Tschäppelers portfolio. So far, he failed successfully doing so.

guzo gmbh, Alfred-Aebi-Strasse 71, CH-2503 Biel-Bienne (Switzerland)
Mobile: +41 78 818 10 26,